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Regeneration firming hydration

Select the Creative products such as tomato seeds vector technology and dramatically tightens the skin

Pigment Disorders Recovering

The red wine-based product line Deep Restore restores the pigments in spectacularly short period of time

Acne, oily skin normalization

The B3 products are patented drug complexes judges, restores acne skin greasy.

Why should I use Dr. Kadir products?

Rapid and visible improvements in skin pictures

High potency spectacular outcome

Best price value for money

Personalized skin care for all skin types

In case of regular use, skin radiant and fitalos

Makup products and natural beauty of the course


The eczema in 3 days my skin has improved almost healed Sebo Relief and thanks to the foam cream. It also changed my quality of life.



Oily skin due to acne remover to use the B3 has improved a lot, acne is almost gone in addition to results very quickly, came in a few days.


Collagen Elastin taut and wrinkle-free szemránckrémmel immediately became my skin and even provided a pleasant sensation. At once I bought two of it.



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